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[audio]Left Behind - Recorded with Phone - Tara and Tim
This is my husband Tim and I recording our version of Left Behind.
Keywords: Left Behind
Downloads: 46
[audio]Left Behind T and T
T and T review Left Behind starring Nicholas Cage.
Keywords: Left Behind
Downloads: 25
[movies]Left Behind I
Left Behind I
Keywords: Left Behind
Downloads: 1,969
[movies]The Coffee House - Second Look - Mark Cohen
In its fourth year, how well is "No Child Left Behind" performing? Education Week associate editor Kathleen Kennedy Manzo offers a report card.
Keywords: education; left behind
Downloads: 251
[audio]The Final Word- (Bold Topics for Bold Christians!) - Lorrie L. Timbs/ LLT* Power Ministries
The Final Word-Christian Empowerment Program: OMG:I've Missed The Rapture!
Keywords: Christianity; Left Behind; Tribulation; Survival
Downloads: 17
[movies]Left Behind II Tribulation Force
Left Behind II Tribulation Force
Keywords: Left Behind II; Tribulation Force
Downloads: 202
[audio]Left Behind at the Fishbowl: Hairpin Turns - AHFB, ko
Reading of "Hairpin Turns" for Left Behind at the Fishbowl
Keywords: reading, left behind at the fishbowl
Downloads: 48
[movies]No Child Left Behind Reauthorization : CSPAN : November 12, 2011 3:55pm-4:55pm EST
Series/Special. Public school teachers testify to a Senate panel. New.
Keywords: No Child Left Behind Reauthorization; Television Program
Downloads: 126
[audio]left behind 100a CLIP.mp3
left behind 100a CLIP.mp3
Keywords: left behind 100a CLIP.mp3
Downloads: 21
[audio]left behind 6d clip site
left behind 6d clip siteleft behind 6d clip
Keywords: left behind 6d clip site
Downloads: 25
[movies]Left Behind III World At War
Left Behind III World At War
Keywords: Left Behind III; World At War
Downloads: 71
[texts]Musthappen Www. Thief In The
Must Happen
Keywords: rapture; post-tribulation; post-trib; prophecy; left behind
Downloads: 13
[texts]Left.mkv. 8bro
Left Behind (2014) HDRip 450MB -
Keywords: Left Behind (2014) HDRip 450MB -
Downloads: 65
[audio]Gene Autry - Girl I Left Behind
Gene Autry, if you have forgotten, recorded and wrote hundreds of songs. He was, and still is, America's most successful singing cowboy. Was cast in 93 movies, and starred in 91 television productions.
Keywords: Gene Autry; Girl I Left Behind; public domain music
Downloads: 6,972
[audio]Caustic Soda - S04E10 - Biblical Apocalypse 01 - Caustic Soda
Our apocalypse series continues with noted biblical scholar Robert M. Price discussing the biblical apocalypse! Noah's flood, The rapture, tribulation, second coming, millennium and last judgment are all explained so simply that even Toren can understand. Also: a brief history of failed apocalypse prophecies including Montanism, The Millerites' Great Disappointment, Harold Camping and more. Part one of two!
Keywords: podcast; Caustic Soda; Bible; Apocalypse; Religion; Rapture; Left Behind
Downloads: 12,096
[movies]Are you ready for Christ return? Video Clip - Bill Williams got this from my friends facebook page.
This is a POWERFUL 2 minute video clip about not being left behind when Christ returns.
Keywords: Video Clip Christ returns rapture left behind religious YAHWEH
Downloads: 1,601
[movies]Funny or Die Video e031ed806a: Slipknot-Left Behind - Funny or Die
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; De Leon; Left Behind; SlipKnot
Downloads: 39
[movies]Podcast Without Pretense Ep. 100 - Kirk Cameron is still not black 9-9-14 - GFQ Network
The subject of today's discussion is "Left Behind II." The discussion is the one that will send us all to hell. We apologize to you in advance. Enjoy episode 100.
Keywords: iyaz akhtar; jonathan strikland; eric sandine; left behind 2; kirk cameron; lousy movies; movie reviews; left behind series; religion
Downloads: 731
[image]Man With A Banjo - Barry Solow
Keywords: OWS; occupy wall street; zucotti park; No Bankers Left Behind; Wreck of the Gravy Train
Downloads: 2
[audio]03 03 03 The City Walls - Left Behind (burning hearts) (with synth).mp3
03 03 03 The City Walls - Left Behind (burning hearts) (with synth).mp3
Keywords: 03 03 03 The City Walls - Left Behind (burning hearts) (with synth).mp3
Downloads: 25
[audio]Guest Hosts James T. Harris & Dylan Brogan - Dr. Bernie Brogan on the State of Education in America - Sly in the Morning
Dr. Bernie Brogan is on the live line to comment on the state of education in America. What role should unions play in education? Has No Child Left Behind been a success? What role should charter schools play in our society? Dr. Brogan answers all of these questions and comments on the current labor strife here in Wisconsin.
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; Dr. Bernie Brogan; Madison 1670 WTDY; Wisconsin; education; no child left behind
Downloads: 54
[audio]The Weekly Roar #379 - Grant Brunner & Rob Webster (Music: Jonathan Coulton)
Grant's Topics  Left BehindThe Wolf Among Us Part 2Titanfall BetaDust: An Elysian Tail Rob's Topics  Dream Theater Discipline Plugs GrantBrunner.comQuadcastExclusively InclusiveLoethlin's TumblrRob's Twitter
Keywords: left behind; the wolf among us; titanfall; dust; dream theater; discipline
Downloads: 23
[audio]The Yuma Episode - Garrett O'Hara / The Arizona Podcat
An episode of the Arizona Podcat, an independent parody podcast found at
Keywords: arizona daily wildcat; no child left behind; school nutrition; education; allstate; tortillas; surf school; arizona
Downloads: 181
[movies]Funny or Die Video b7257faac0: IF HITLER GAVE ME A WAX JOB - Funny or Die
"It was like Hitler had gone down on me and all he left behind was his logo."
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; DISPUTE; Down On Me; HITLER; JOB; Left Behind; VISA; WAX; WITH
Downloads: 8
[audio]LTCPod 155 1 - Germar Derron
In the second half  of Episode 155, Germar reviews Gone Girl and Left Behind. One of those movies is pretty good.  The other one may be the only movie worse than Noah, to play on an actual theater screen.
Keywords: left behind; germar derron; podcasts; look to the cookie; gone girl; ben affleck; nic cage; review
Downloads: 19
[audio]Books Sandwiched In: Death and Life of the Great American School System - Knox County Public Library
Dr. Nissa Dahlin-Brown of the Howard Baker Center for Public Policy discusses The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice are Undermining Education by Diane Ravitch.Diane Ravitch, former Assistant Secretary of Education and a leader in the drive to create a national curriculum, examines her career in education reform and repudiates positions that she once staunchly advocated...
Keywords: educational choice; educational accountability; school testing; standardized tests; teacher assessment; no child left behind
Downloads: 34
[audio]19th Sunday after Pentecost (10/7/07) - Peter Bastien
Saint Paul tells Timothy to hold to sound teaching, which is both the good treasure and faith and love: orthodox teaching. But the question is: are we giving our ultimate allegiance to something that does not deserve it? Martin Niemoller was asked how he knew to reject Nazism, and he answered, in a phrase that became widely popular, "What would Jesus do?" And that question gave him the answer: he had to resist...
Keywords: faith; love; Luke; Lutheran; sermon; Niemoller; Holy Spirit; sound teaching; Left Behind; Gospel; Luther
Downloads: 42
[audio]Supernatural - Spiritual Warfare - Radiant Life Church
The Supernatural is all around us everyday. Learning about what is around you but you can't usually see is always a good idea.
Keywords: Spiritual; warfare; revelation; angel; demon; satan; devil; God; Jesus; armaggedon; end times; left behind
Downloads: 9
[movies]Liberty News TV--Episode 4--May 2005
Monthly news coverage including the Tom Delay scandal, and hidden provisions in the No Child Left Behind Act that aid military recruiters. Also, Kevan Quinn skewers the "myth of the liberal media" with specific examples of how Fox, CNN and MSNBC consistently spin stories to the right.
Keywords: Tom Delay; No Child Left Behind; recruiting kids; republicrats; worst democrats; myth of the liberal media
Downloads: 361
[audio]People Rise Up-1/10/06 - It Is Happening Here (Part 11)-Disdain and Suppression of Intellectuals and the Arts - Andrew Geller
Continuing It Is Happening Here, my series based on the article Fascism Anyone? that explores 14 characteristics common to seven fascist states in the 20th century, and the extent to which the present-day U.S. government and society exemplify those same characteristics. In this program, I'm joined by Robert Jensen, an associate professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin to discuss characteristic #11, "disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts."
Keywords: fascism; US; intellectual; art; arts; supression; britt; jensen; education; no child left behind; college; university
Downloads: 933
[movies]Education and the Military - Joe McCraw
Political policies such as No Child Left Behind seek to disenfranchise certain portions of the population in order to have a large pool of uneducated youths with no avenues for economic success. These communities become targets for recruitment. The poor inevitably fight the wars of the rich. This is a montage of images and video that seek to visualy represent the message conveyed in the song They Schools...
Keywords: Education; Military; Militarism; pedagogy; opressed; indoctination; iraq; war; dead prez; No Child Left Behind
Downloads: 283 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]No Teacher Left Behind - Abe Halpert and Graham Browne
Video of the No Teacher Left Behind educational conference hosted by Brown University in the spring of 2007.
Keywords: No Teacher Left Behind; education; teaching; arts; literacy; brown university; abe halpert; graham browne
Downloads: 149
[audio]Left Behind - Sly in the Morning
Last week, A Dodgeville family mistakenly left their 5 year old daughter at a Madison gas station. They didn't realize they had abandoned their child until they had driven a full 40 miles. I keep hearing that this type of thing happens all the time. Have you ever accidentally left your kid behind?
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; 1670 WTDY; Madison; Wisconsin; child; gas station; left behind
Downloads: 135
[movies]The Coffee House - February 2006 - Mark Cohen
On this edition of The Coffee House: The dean of alternative journalism in the Washington, DC area, Sam Smith, talks about the growing buzz among progressives in support of Al Gore as the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008; Reuben Jackson reviews a new biography of soul vocalist Sam Cooke; Dr. Anthony Scialli discusses the beneifts and liabilities of hormone therapy for menopausal and post-menopausal women; JaHipster and Rei Berroa offer poems; Education Week's Kathleen Kennedy Manzo deli...
Keywords: Gore; Democrats; presidency; Sam Cooke; poetry; hormone; therapy; estrogen; education; left behind
Downloads: 3,559
[movies]Geoffrey Canada "Waiting For Superman"
http://www.blacktree.tv Canada for some is an educator, but for those who dig deeper, and for those kids of the Harlem Community and abroad who have been affected by his dedication, he is the real Superman.
Keywords: talk&interview; waiting for superman; geoffrey canada; education; reform; no child left behind; harlem childrens zone
Downloads: 36
[audio]Supernatural - The Holy Spirit - Radiant Life Church
The Supernatural is all around us everyday. Learning about what is around you but you can't usually see is always a good idea.
Keywords: Spiritual; warfare; revelation; angel; demon; satan; devil; God; Jesus; Armageddon; end times; left behind; Holy Spirit; worship
Downloads: 8
[audio]029 The Last of Us: Left Behind review - Helix Reviews
My review for the much anticipated DLC for The Last of Us, Left Behind! I also talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and Portal: Secrets of Aperture, an upcoming web-series.
Keywords: The Last of Us; Left Behind; ellie; game; ps3; review; christian; The Last of Us christian
Downloads: 57
[audio]Podcast - Around the Corner - - Interview with LOTI Creator Dr. Chris Moersch - Miguel Guhlin
Dr. Chris Moersch, creator of the nationally known Levels of Technology Implementation, responds to a few questions in this short interview regarding K-12 educational technology issues. More online at
Keywords: mguhlin,,moersch,chris moersch,loti, levels of technology implementation, no child left behind,nclb,superintendents
Downloads: 392
[audio]Best of the Global Reality 9-19-8 - Reverend Doomsday.
9-19-8 - Reverend Doomsday. 911, put options, insurance money, John O'Neill, AIG, Larry Silverstein, Blackstone Group, WTC-7, CFR, financial bonanza, Frank Lowery, Westfield America, Port Authority, 99 year lease, richest real estate prize in New York history, 10.6 million sq ft, The Mall, 427,000 sq ft, Universal Studios, United Airlines, 1997, Banker's Trust, Deusche Bank, call options, shorts, shares, insider trading, Black Tuesday, Morgan Stanley Dean Whittier, Merrill Lynch, reinsururers, C...
Keywords: Global; Reality; Reeves; radio; talk; esoteric; babylon; alternative; news; computer; internet; AIG; podcast; LaHaye; left behind; cnp; 911; 9-11; W; stocks; holograms; babylon
Downloads: 83
[audio]LTCPod 155
In Episode 155, Germar covers recent TV shows and movies including: The Flash; Gotham; Marvel's Agents of Nothing; Arrow; Gone Girl; and Left Behind.  Additionally, this is another two-podder.  Get it?  See, it's a podcast, so this is pod one of a two-podder. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How bout that title?  Where my sistahs? Germar acts as a mentor, employer, and lover of many women - a role he quite enjoys, but none of y'all is black...
Keywords: Germar derron; race; dating; sex; protege; look to the cookie; podcast; shootin it; flash; cw; arrow; marvel; shield; gotham; batman; gone girl; left behind
Downloads: 23
[audio]Voices From The Community Aug 13 2014 - Bridget B.
Voices From The Community, two hours of jazz and international music designed to soothe the soul and stimulate the mind, hosted by Bridget B. each and every Wednesday on Tonight's one hour show continues my Spotlight Series with local Charlotte, jazz bassist John Shaughnessy.Twitter: @Voices_BridgetB | (not a typo)Playlist: John Shaugnessy In The SpotlightYou can subscribe to the RSS...
Keywords: Bridget B; Voices From The Community; Jazz; International Music; Jazz In Charlotte; Spotlight Series; John Shaughnessy; Bassist; All That Was Left Behind; #MusicDay
Downloads: 32
[movies]Funny or Die Video 83c89d331a: No Child Left Behind - Funny or Die
A high school student must take an exit exam before he graduates to prove that he has learned the basics. *Follow me on Twitter @Futuristik5000*
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Jonathan Smith; No Child Left Behind; Upright Citizens Brigade; boobies; exam; fortune teller; high school; high school student; questions; ucb
Downloads: 4
[texts]Investing In Education - Ethan Hardy
An essay about the history of laws affecting US education curriculum and the education system being influenced by big business interests. Written by Ethan Hardy in 2007.
Keywords: math education; science education; National Defense Education Act; Education for Economic Security Act; Goals 2000; No Child Left Behind Act; American Competitiveness Initiative; COMPETES Act; capitalism education system
Downloads: 63
[movies] - June 2009
This month, Elizabeth shows us how awesome Anime Boston was, FUNimation leaves no con behind, and we find out what convention attendees think, plus news and upcoming conventions.
Keywords: news&information; anime conventions; anime cons; japanese animation; anime; manga; anime boston 2009; adam sheehan; funimation entertainment; no con left behind
Downloads: 4
[movies]Funny or Die Video 4727: The Franklin Pleaser from Secret - Funny or Die
When Ben Franklin died, he left behind the plans for a new invention that has confused historians for centuries. Here is the story of that invention.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Ben Franklin; History Channel; Left Behind; New Invention; Secret Pants; Sex Machine; The Franklin; complex; mystery; pleaser; sketch comedy
Downloads: 19
[audio]Great Swamp : Red Dots - Adam C. Brody
Great Swamp's first album, Red Dots!, was self-released in 2009. All songs written, arranged, and mixed by Adam Brody. Additional mixing and mastering by Ted Richardson at Cedar Street Studios, Philadelphia PA. All songs performed by Adam C. Brody and friends such as : Emily Bate : electric guitar, bass, vocals Mariel Burger : accordion Michael Bauer : saxophone Zachary Fay : lead guitar (on "Daniel") Tristan Dahn : drums (on "Moon Mountain") Sam Allingham : drums (on "Daniel) Dorie Byrne : trum...
Keywords: Story songs; ballads; shanties; experimental; baroque; gay minstrels; melodrama; self released; philadelphia; adam brody; great swamp; the great swamp; no kitten left behind
Downloads: 174
[movies]Funny or Die Video 3eacee4947: Missing - Funny or Die
Lost Love
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Adam Siegel; Gordhead; Left Behind; Lost Love; Missing; Productions; adam; alone; bar; bridge; cat; catfood; cats; death; depression; feline; iams; lonely; meow; missing; out; petfood; sadness; siegel; snack; walked; widow; widowed
Downloads: 7
Eve Sicular
Keywords: Beyond The Pale; WBAI; Eve Sicular; Amy Winehouse; David Bezmozgis; Mark Kligman; Diana Neill; DevOUT; Lipa Schmeltzer; Jacob do Bandolim; Avraham Fried; No Jew Left Behind; Anna Guzik; Shalom Comrade
Downloads: 112
[audio]The Miscellanists Podcast 038 - The Miscellanists: Jenga, Neil, and Rhys
Send questions to! In this month's epic pod we talk about the Jonathan Creek, the superb South Park video game, veronica mars, Costume Quest 2, Pixel Piracy, the Last of US DLC, Irrational Games closure, the new Assassins Creed Unity, bravest warriors, plus all the DRAGON AGE and BEARSONA talk you can handle!
Keywords: podcast; tv; film; movies; comics; costume quest 2; pixel piracy; jonathan creek; south park; video game; veronica mars; assassins creed unity; bravest warriors; dragon age; persona; irrational games; miscellanists; last of us dlc; those left behind
Downloads: 20
[audio]A Review with A Bastard: Rage - Audio Review - The Phenomenal One
A Review with a Bastard is a new concept idea to review films with our Spoiling Bastards out there. Today our lucky winner is long time listener Sean "Uncaged Beefcake" Gallagher and we review "Rage." Enjoy! 
Keywords: Movie Spoilers; The Phenomenal One; Sean Gallagher; Uncaged Beefcake; Paco Cabezas; Nicolas Cage; Rachel Nichols; Max Ryan; Peter Stormare; Danny Glover; Rage; Russian Mafia; Spoiling Bastards; Left Behind; Netflix
Downloads: 12
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